Advances in Neuroblastoma Research

11 - 14 MAY 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


ANR2020 in Amsterdam promises to be an exciting meeting. Never before was neuroblastoma research so successful and cutting edge in cancer research. ANR2020 will highlight the breakthrough developments in structured sessions, where clinical, translational and fundamental findings will be integrated. Participati on of young researchers from all over the world will be stimulated by travel grants. The joint Dutch and Belgian organizers will welcome you in the iconic Beurs van Berlage, in the very heart of Amsterdam. The dazzling art deco interior of the venue offers spacious audience halls and a huge forum for networking, receptions and poster sessions. Amsterdam is a vibrant city and its largely preserved historical center ranks amongst the most beautiful of the world. Nearby historic towns in Belgium, like Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges have fabulous art musea where mediaeval beauty will help you to recover from ANR2020.

Frank Speleman and Rogier Versteeg (chairs)
Max van Noesel, Katleen De Preter, Jan Molenaar, Lieve Tytgat (co-chairs)